Monday, June 14, 2010

solo day, scary

Wednesday was the big day. This is the day when we do our solo walk. As I mentioned, I decided to be the last one so I could get some other things done. (like laundry and beginning to pack)

My time was going to be around 4pm. By lunch I was wondering if this was going to happen or if I would have to wait until Thursday. Everyone was doing pretty good. Jade got very disorientated so she ended up taking over an hour. She was trying to use a gps for the first time on her solo run. Not a good idea by my thinking. Katja was 2 people before me and she was told not to talk to me about where they took her. She tried to give me a clue but I was too thick to understand it.

Although we were running late they decided to get me done today. I got into the van and they began driving. Yes, I did have my gps in my ear telling me the streets but, too be honest, I could have followed where we were going just by paying attention to where we turned right and left. I was a bit afraid, since I was a bit of a smart ass, that they might take me to somewhere where I really had never been.

They did let me out on a road I had never heard of before but my plan of action was to head west and then north to find the next major road. Having the gps just meant that I didn’t need to ask strangers questions. I ask when I need to but do not enjoy having to ask.

The first couple of things went a bit wrong. There was a car blocking the sidewalk and Bogart turned into the drive, alongside the car, rather than going out onto the street. We got that figured out and got past the parked car. Then we sort of blew the next curb by turning right without getting right to the edge.

It was very hot, so my main goal was to find the most shady way back to the school. I found myself at Lakeshore and Reynolds. I turned left and moved towards Trafalgar street. Once on the northwest corner I headed north to Church street. Walking along the north side of Church street gave a lot of shade. Bogart was working really slow. Probably because of the heat. He would also catch sight of the van from time to time and want to head towards it.

Apparently, I was told later, that Courtney had actually jumped out of the van to say to me it was too hot and we should do it Thursday morning but then I guess I moved on so they let us keep going.

Bogart got himself turned around a couple of time or took a lot of time to figure out his way around an obstacle but he was doing okay. He was probably picking up on my nervousness, knowing that we were being watched. At Navy and Randal we had a bit of an issue. When I went to cross north there seemed to be a car in the way (or Bogart had veered right, I couldn’t tell) Anyway, he went around behind the car and then right to the curb. Good. These angled moves had disorientated me a bit but I finally figured out where my curb was. When we crossed, Bogart was too far right. He went up onto the curb. Once I felt grass under foot I told him “over left” He took us on a diagonal path back to the sidewalk. Once there he did a great job at just walking straight along, not veering into the fire departments drive way. On the bridge he finally started speeding up. Perhaps in his eagerness to get back to the school he blew the curb at Wilson street. I turned him around, walked about 10 meters, turned around again and had him do this over. This time he stopped correctly.

Before I knew it we were back at the school. Leah, Melisa and Courtney were out of the van waiting for me. They congratulated me and said that I should be very proud. I did feel a bit proud but sort of emotionally let down too. Bogart didn’t perform as good as I had hoped and I wondered if I had performed as well as I could have too. The anxiety of knowing in just over a day I would be taking Bogart on his first plane ride certainly was weighing on my nerves.

When I walked in the whole class was waiting for me to arrive and they all clapped and cheered. I thought this was a silly thing when we were doing it but it actually did make me feel really good and a bit emotional. Our cook tony seemed put out that supper was late because they wouldn’t start eating until I arrived. Personally, I think he was just sad that the class was leaving and we’d all be going, many never to be seen again.

The night was relaxing. For awhile I was sitting out in the hallway with Katja and Rhino. Others joined us on and off and at 9 I took Bogart to play outside with Rocco for most likely the last time. After a bit Kenneth showed up with Aidyn too which was nice. It was such a beautiful night but a bit bitter sweet since this would be our last night at the school. I really enjoyed hanging out with John. He was such a breath of fresh air and so funny.

We all headed off to bed knowing that tomorrow would be our graduation and the end of this journey but the beginning of a much longer one.

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